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Pali Day by Day G028 - The New Pali Course Part II

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  • ong.yongpeng
    Exercise 9 Translate into Pali, forming compounds where it is possible 1. Bimbisaara, the king of Magadha, came with his retinue to his garden named Veluvana
    Message 1 of 134 , Aug 3, 2008
      Exercise 9
      Translate into Pali, forming compounds where it is possible

      1. Bimbisaara, the king of Magadha, came with his retinue to his
      garden named Veluvana to listen to the doctrine preached by the Buddha.
      Bimbisaaro / Magadha-raajaa / aagacchi / saha / tassa / parisaahi /
      aaraama.m / Veluvana-naama.m / sotu.m / dhamma.m / desita.m / Buddhena
      Magadha-raajaa Bimbisaaro Buddhena desita.m dhamma.m sotu.m
      Veluvana-naama.m aaraama.m (tassa) parisaahi saha aagacchi.

      2. Having heard the Dhamma, he, together with one hundred and twenty
      thousands of men, became a disciple of the Blessed One.
      sutvaa / dhamma.m / so / saha / viisati-sata-manussasahassena / bhavi
      / saavako / Bhagavantassa
      Dhamma.m sutvaa so viisati-sata-manussasahassena saha Bhagavantassa
      saavako bhavi.

      3. The man whose sons are dead went to a monastery (situated) outside
      the town and made an offering of alms and robes to the monks dwelling
      naro / yassa / puttaa / mataa / gantvaa / vihaara.m / bahinagara.m /
      akaasi / puuja.m / daanassa ca / ciivaraana.m ca / bhikkhuuna.m /
      viharantaana.m / tattha
      Mataa puttaa yassa (so) naro bahinagara.m vihaara.m gantvaa tattha
      viharantaana.m bhikkhuuna.m daanassa ca ciivaraana.m ca puuja.m akaasi.

      4. On the next day, having prepared alms for the bhikkhus and having
      decked the town, they repaired the road by which the Buddha was to come.
      suve / pa.tiyadetvaa / daana.m / bhikkhuuna.m / pi.landhitvaa /
      nagara.m / te / pa.tisa`nkharosu.m / magga.m / yena...tena / Buddho /
      ahosi / aagantu.m
      Suve bhikkhuuna.m daana.m pa.tiyadetvaa nagara.m pi.landhitvaa te tena
      Buddho aagantu.m ahosi yena magga.m pa.tisa`nkharosu.m.

      5. He said to the men, "If you are clearing this road for the Buddha,
      assign to me a piece of ground.
      so / ahaa / nare / sace / tumhe / bhavetha / sodhentaa / ima.m /
      magga.m / Buddhaaya / niyametha / me / kha.n.da.m / bhuumiyaa
      So nare ahaa "Sace tumhe Buddhaaya ima.m magga.m sodhentaa bhavetha,
      bhuumiyaa kha.n.da.m me niyametha.

      I will clear it in company with you."
      aha.m / sodhessaami / ta.m / saha / tumhehi
      Aha.m tumhehi saha ta.m sodhessaami."

      6. But, before the ground could be cleared by him, the Buddha
      Diipa`nkara with a train of a hundred thousand saints, endowed with
      the six supernatural powers, came down into the road all decked and
      made ready for Him.
      pana / pubbe / bhuumiya.m / sodheyya / tena / Buddho / Diipa`nkaro /
      bhaajanena / lakkha-khii.naasavehi / cha.labhi~n~naappattehi /
      oruhi.msu / magge / pa.tiyaadite / pi.landhite / tassa
      Pana, pubbe bhuumiya.m tena sodheyya, Buddho Diipa`nkaro
      cha.labhi~n~naappattehi lakkha-khii.naasavehi bhaajanena tassa
      pi.landhite pa.tiyaadite magge oruhi.msu.

      7. Having received at the foot of a banyan tree a meal of rice-milk,
      and partaken of it by the banks of the Nera~njaraa, he will attain, at
      the foot of a fig tree, the Supreme Knowledge.
      labhitvaa / Nigrodha-muule / khiirapaayaasa.m / bhu~njitvaa /
      Nera~njaraa-kuule / so / pa.tilabhissati / assattha-muule /
      Nigrodha-muule Nera~njaraa-kuule khiirapaayaasa.m labhitvaa
      bhu~njitvaa, so assattha-muule sabba~n~nuta~naa.na.m pa.tilabhissati.

      8. The saints, four hundred thousand in number, having made offerings
      of perfume and garlands to the Great Being, saluted him and departed.
      khii.naasavaa / catu-lakkha.m / katvaa / puuja.m / sugandhassa ca /
      maalaana.m ca / mahaapurisaaya / abhivaadetvaa / apagacchi.msu
      Khii.naasavaa catu-lakkha.m mahaapurisaaya sugandhassa ca maalaana.m
      ca puuja.m katvaa abhivaadetvaa apagacchi.msu.

      9. While the earth was trembling, the people of the city of Ramma,
      unable to endure it, fell here and there, while waterpots and other
      vessels were dashed into pieces.
      bhuumiya.m / kampamaane / manussaa / Ramma-purassa / sahitu.m / na
      sakkontaa / pati.msu / tattha tattha / gha.tesu / ca / a~n~nesu /
      bhaajanesu / kha.n.daakha.n.dikajaatesu
      Kampamaane bhuumiya.m Ramma-purassa manussaa sahitu.m na sakkontaa
      tattha tattha pati.msu kha.n.daakha.n.dikajaatesu gha.tesu ca a~n~nesu

      10. At that moment the throne on which Sakka was seated became warm.
      tasmi.m / kha.nasmi.m / siihaasana.m / tasmi.m / Sakko / ahosi /
      nissino / bhavi / abbhu.nha.m
      Tasmi.m kha.nasmi.m (ya.m) siihaasana.m abbhu.nha.m bhavi tasmi.m
      Sakko (ta.m) nissino ahosi.

      Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pali/message/11735

      Please correct me if there is any mistakes.

      Yong Peng.
    • Ong Yong Peng
      Dear friends, below is the link to NPC2 study guide, if you are looking for it. metta, Yong Peng. ... http://www.tipitaka.net/palicourseguide2.pdf
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        Dear friends,

        below is the link to NPC2 study guide, if you are looking for it.

        Yong Peng.

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