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Re: what is the cases

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  • Ong Yong Peng
    Dear Mukta and friends, to the mountain -- use accusative case. in the mountain , on the mountain -- use locative case. metta, Yong Peng. ... One thing we
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 16, 2008
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      Dear Mukta and friends,

      "to the mountain" -- use accusative case.

      "in the mountain", "on the mountain" -- use locative case.

      Yong Peng.

      --- In Pali@yahoogroups.com, mukta singh wrote:

      One thing we all must learn is that no language can be completely
      translated (with all its essence) in English. What seems similar in
      english, i.e. "to the village" & "to the mountain" is actually
      different if considered in Pali / Sanskrit (and relatively in Hindi
      too). In case of mountain, the sense is "on the mountain" and
      therefore it is different from "to the village".
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