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RE: [Pali] Memorizing the Tipitaka

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  • Gabriel Jaeger
    Dear Pyia Tan, Thanks for posting the link of this wonderful website! With regard to that too, I have a question. Doing some research on the meaning and
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      Dear Pyia Tan,

      Thanks for posting the link of this wonderful website!

      With regard to that too, I have a question.

      Doing some research on the meaning and etymology of the word Buddha I find
      the following:

      "After thus spending 49 days meditating, the Buddha left Bodh Gaya on foot
      to meet the five ascetics, his former associates, at Sarnath (Banaras in
      order to turn the First Wheel of Dhamma.

      Addressing his friend and follower Savasti, a buffalo boy, the Buddha said,
      "Love is possible only when there is understanding. And only with love can
      there be acceptance. Practice living in awareness, you will deepen your
      understanding. You will be able to understand yourselves, other people, and
      all things. And you will have hearts of love. That is the wonderful path I
      have discovered".

      Savasti asked, "Respected Teacher, could we call this path the 'Path of
      Awareness'?" Siddharta smiled, "Surely. We can call it the Path of
      Awareness. I like that very much. The Path of Awareness leads to perfect
      Awakening." Siddhartha nodded and accepted Sujta's request that he should be
      called the "Awakened One". Sujata continued, "Awaken" in Magadhi is
      pronounced 'Budh'; and a person who is awakened would be called 'Buddha'.
      Now we can call you the 'Buddha'. Fourteen-year-old Nalaka, the oldest boy
      in the group, spoke, "Respected Buddha, we are very happy to receive your
      teaching on the Path to Awareness. Sujata has told me how you have meditated
      beneath this Pipala tree (ficus religiosa) for the past six months and how
      just last night you attained the Great Awakening. Respected Buddha, this
      Pipala tree is the most beautiful and sacred one in all the forest. Allow us
      to call it the 'Tree of Awakening', the 'Bodhi Tree'. The word 'bodhi'
      shares the same root as the word 'buddha' and also means awakening".

      Gautama nodded his head. He was delighted, too. He had not guessed that
      during this gathering with the children the path, himself, and even the
      great tree would all receive special names. Nandabala joined his palms. "It
      is growing dark and we must return to our homes, but we will come back to
      receive more of your teaching soon." The children all stood and joined their
      palms like lotus buds to thank the Buddha. They strolled home chattering
      like a flock of happy birds. The Buddha was happy, too. He decided to stay
      in the forest for a longer period of time in order to explore ways to best
      sow the seeds of Awakening and to allow himself, as well, special time to
      enjoy the great peace and joy that attaining the path had brought him.
      (Majjhima Nikaya. 10). (Where the Buddha Walked - A Companion to the
      Buddhist Places of India. By Rana P.B. Singh - Indica)

      This passage was written in the book "Where the Buddha Walked", and the
      reference that was given for the passage was the "Majjhima NIkaya 10".

      Looking for this reference I just found the Satipatthana Sutta

      Therefore, I was wondering if the passage really exists in any discourse of
      the tipitaka (?)

      Any help will be very nice.

      With regards,


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      Dear Pali Friends,

      The World Tipitaka is now available for access. It is a great site!

      Hapy Vesak,


      With metta,

      Piya Tan

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      >> Another article on memorization, this one with regards to the Tipitaka.
      >> http://tipitaka.nibbanam.com/memorizing_tipitaka1.htm
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