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Re: Iddhipada Vibhanga Sutta

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  • joseph
    Hello everyone after a long time, as they say here, I thought I owe you this: 1- The most basic sitting meditation attitude ` Parimukha.m sati.m
    Message 1 of 25 , May 6, 2008
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      Hello everyone
      after a long time, as they say here, I thought I owe you this:

      1- The most basic sitting meditation attitude `"Parimukha.m sati.m
      Usually rendered as `having established one point mind fullness' (on
      the upper lip) is not a bad technique
      But I fail to see how concentration on a point can be also a
      concentration on the breath,
      So we figure it means something like: `All around mindfulness' and
      `Inquiry into all facets of one's reality'.
      May 2008 additional note:
      As I was this year in Na Uyana Aranna Senasana, in the teachings of
      Pa Auk Sayadow , the point is made clear:
      A concentration on a certain bodily point, it's sensations and that
      development is considered as four elements meditation' which is of
      the kayaanusati- the base of mindfulness of the body,
      But it is not `mindfulness of breathing' AnaPanaSati which belong to
      the same category of
      Observation of body phenomena..
      AnaPanaSati, is an attention to the concept of the breath. It is
      important to see it, as only so the
      Idea of the body of breath' the full unit of one aspiration, or one
      exhalation can be seen as a `body' , to be inquired into by
      mindfulness, as to it's beginning, continuation, end.
      Any lapse in attention may be a call for the healing investigation-
      process of Samatha.
      But `seeing the forest' the general conditioning of existence that
      our simple problem exemplifies
      Will open the way to understanding that all is conditioned,
      all is `anicca, Dhuka, Anatta.
      That we are caught up in Samsara, this is awakening.
      In that context `PacchaPura' = `back and front' of the body,
      As particular investigations are made into `dead spots' in a more
      detailed way
      Than meant by `Parimukha.m" ='all around'.

      May 2008 additional note:
      PacchaPura is also the reastablidhment of the former situation, the
      way it was before.
      (this one is im debt to Gampaha PemaSiri MahaThera of Kanduboda.)
      In the Parajika explanation of the PatiMokkha it is the return of
      the offender to lay life,
      No apperent harm to anyoneÂ…

      Here it seems to be the return to the inquiry based Satipatthanaa
      or `DhamaVicaya, or Vipasana (really, no harm)
      The simple wisdom that does not involve the miraculous achievement
      or the states that are beyond the senses that quajify as Samatha,
      and in our case particularily the IddhiPada
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