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Thematic list of Pali Terms

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  • dkotschessa
    Though I ve come across lots of lists of Pali terms out there, I haven t yet found any that are organized in any way. So I m trying to put one together for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2008
      Though I've come across lots of lists of Pali terms out there, I
      haven't yet found any that are organized in any way. So I'm trying
      to put one together for beginners - i.e. myself.

      I'd like to organize it according to the teachings. Here is the
      outline I have so far. (In English only) Please let me know if
      there are any recommendations. I'm trying to do it in a "top down"
      approach, with broader terminology first, then more specific
      technical terminology following.

      Hope this outline formats ok:

      Pali Technical Terminology
      Thematic listing of Pali Terminology


      I. Four Noble Truths
      a. First Noble Truth
      i. Birth
      ii. Aging
      iii. Death
      iv. Sorrow
      v. Lamentation
      vi. Pain
      vii. Distress
      viii. Despair
      ix. The Five Clinging Aggregates
      b. Second Noble Truth
      i. Craving
      ii. Sensuality
      iii. Becoming
      iv. Non-becoming

      c. Third Noble Truth
      d. Fourth Noble Truth

      II. Eightfold Path
      a. Wisdom
      i. Right View
      ii. Right Intention
      b. Morality
      i. Right Speech
      ii. Right Action
      iii.Right Livelihood
      c. Meditation
      i. Right Effort
      ii. Right Mindfulness
      iii.Right Concentration
      III. The teachings in detail
      a. The Five Aggregates
      i. Form
      1. Earth Property
      2. Water Property
      3. Wind Property
      4. Fire Property
      ii. Feelings
      iii. Perceptions
      iv. Mental Formations
      b. Dependent origination
      i. Ignorance
      ii. Fabrications
      iv. Name and form
      v. Six sense media
      vi. Contact
      vii. Feeling
      ix. Clinging/sustenance
      x. Becoming
      xi. Birth
      xii. Aging and death
      c. The Seven Factors of Awakening
      i. Mindfulness
      ii. Analysis of qualities
      iii Persistence
      iv Rapture
      v. Serenity
      vi. Concentration
      vii. Equanimity
      d. The Five Hindrances
      i. Sensual desire
      ii. ill will
      iii. Sloth and torpor
      iv. Restlessness and remorse
      v. Doubt/uncertainty
      e. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
      f. Four Divine Abodes
      i. Loving-friendliness
      ii. compassion
      iii. sympathetic joy
      iv. equanimity
      g. Ten Perfections
      i. Generosity
      ii. Virtue
      iii. Renunciation
      iv. Wisdom
      v. Energy/effort
      vi. Patience
      vii. Truthfulness
      viii. Determination
      ix. Loving kindness
      x. Equanimity
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