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Re: [Pali] Arahant disciple of the Buddha

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  • Alex Long
    Dear Learned Piya Tan, Remember the transference of merit pali words you sent I have accidentally delected it, could you send me again please. metta and kor
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 16, 2008
      Dear Learned Piya Tan,

      Remember the transference of merit pali words you sent I have accidentally delected it, could you send me again please.

      metta and kor kamaa

      Alex Long <duriank24@...> wrote:
      Saddhu and namaste Learned Piya Tan for the comprehensive list of the 18 Arahats. I am sure it benefits us and the time we had to learn the sublime dhamma. ÄѵÄ.
      Currently I am reading relatives and disciples of the Buddha by Rashika Abeysekera.


      Piya Tan <dharmafarer@...> wrote:
      Dear Alex Durian,

      I'm not a Mahayana expert though I had an interest in it decades back. Hope
      this is useful:

      THE 18 ARHATS (disciples of the Buddha)
      [Sometimes only 16 are listed)

      1. Pin-tu-lo Po-lo-to-she (Pindola Bharadvaaja): He has a lion-like voice
      and the ability to fly. Chinese pious
      tradition say that In a remote past birth he was a bad son and a cruel man
      and had to heat bricks and stones in hell. Characteristics: open book and
      mendicant staff.

      2. Ka-no-ka-Fa-Tso (Kanaka Vatsa). A wise arhat.

      3. Pin-t'ou-luo To-lo-sui-shih: A second Pindola: A hairy man who was
      stationed in the Purva-Videha region with 600 arhats under his charge.

      4. Nan-t'i Mi-ti-lo Ching-yu, Nandimitra: Sits with an alms bowl, with a
      book in his left hand, and an incense
      urn beside him. He snaps his right fingers, representing the moment of

      5. Pa-no-ka (Bakula): Long-lived and was free of bodily ailments.
      Characteristics: he teaches with a boy by
      his side and he holds a rosary with 108 beads.

      6. Tan-mo-lo Po-t'o (Tamra Bhadra): A cousin of the Buddha: represented as
      holding prayer beads.

      7. Ka-li-ha (Kalika or Kala): He sits in meditation. Has very long eyebrows
      that almost touches the ground.

      8. Fa-she-na Fu-to (Vajraputra): Shown as being hairy, lean, with ribs

      9. Chieh-po-ka (Gopaka): Shown with a fan in his hand.

      10. Pan-t'o-ka (Panthaka the Elder): Arhat with an excellent mind. thought,
      with the power to go through solid objects, create fire and water, and
      change his size to the point of being invisible. He sits on a rock reading a

      11. Lo-hu-lo (Rahula), the son of the Buddha: Shown as bald, domed head,
      bushy eyebrows, and a hooked nose.

      12. Na-ka-shi-na (Nagasena): Great Buddhist philosopher, with a commanding

      13. Yin-chieh-t'o (Angida): Shown as an old monk with a gnarled, wooden
      staff and a Sanskrit book.

      14. Fa-na-p'o-ssu: Shown in a cave with eyes closed and hands over his

      15. A-shih-to (Asita or Ajita): An old seer with long eyebrows, nursing his
      right knee while meditating.

      16. Chu-ch'a-Pan-t'o-ka (Cuda-Panthaka or Pantha the Younger): Began monk
      life as slow-witted, but
      after the Buddha taught him meditation, gained arhathood and the ability to
      fly and shape-shift. Shown
      as old man with a fan in hand and sitting against an old tree.

      17. A-tzu-ta (Ajita): Shown as an old man sitting on a rock with a bamboo

      18. Po-lo-t'o-she (Probably another form of Pindola Bharadvaja): Riding a
      tiger, representing as subduing
      the animal nature in us.

      With the overlap of certain names, understandably there total only 16

      As you see the names are in Sanskrit with some overlap with the Pali. The
      Pali tradition speaks of 80
      maha thera (great elders) such as in the Theragatha Atthakatha.

      I'm sure some scholars has done some study of them: anyone knows about this?

      With metta,

      Piya Tan

      On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 9:36 AM, duriank24 <duriank24@...> wrote:

      > Dear Learned Piya Tan and Bros/sis,
      > I am curious to know about the pali name of the eighteen luohan
      > according to chinese Buddhism, are they the same as the Arahant
      > disciples of the Buddha?
      > metta
      > Alex

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