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Re: Another self introduction!

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  • dkotschessa
    ... Monastery ... Thank you. I m not sure how far I ll get with DeSilva now that I have my textbook for Bhikkhu Bodhi s course. I do like the way it
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 24, 2007
      --- In Pali@yahoogroups.com, "John Kelly" <palistudent@...> wrote:
      > Dear Dave,
      > Welcome to the wonderful world of Pali study. More your efforts be
      > fruitful!
      > I didn't realize that Bhikkhu Bodhi's Pali classes at Bodhi
      > were online. How wonderful!
      > The de Silva Primer is a good gentle introduction to Pali and to the
      > concept of a language with declensions and conjugations, if you have
      > little or no background in inflected languages. But don't spend too
      > much time on it, as I think the exercises are fairly tedious and not
      > at all relevant to anything in the canon. The Gair Reader is well
      > worthwhile, though, and a very good way to get a sound base of Pali.
      > Good luck.
      > With metta,
      > John

      Thank you. I'm not sure how far I'll get with DeSilva now that I
      have my textbook for Bhikkhu Bodhi's course. I do like the way it
      introduces the grammar gradually. Bhikkhu Bodhi says that you can do
      the DeSilva primer in preparation for his course, but it looks like a
      lot of work! I am doing them side by side for now.

      I love how the Gair book starts right off with text from the canon.
      I get enormous motivation out of reading a page of the Buddha's words
      in Pali and being able to understand them.

      Thanks again for posting the learning files for the Input Easy
      program. I think my memorization skills are getting back in shape
      again. :)

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