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Re: [Pali] Learning Pali

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  • Kumaara Bhikkhu
    ... Maybe you d like to try A New Course in Reading Pali by Gair and Karunatillake. It uses passages from the Tipitika as well. ... If you re referring to a
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2002
      At 04:24 AM 28-08-02, Bill Crecelius wrote:
      >I have been studying Pali without a teacher for about a year. A friend suggested I use the A.K. Warder text book and so I have been using his book to study. As you may know it is very dense and not very understandable for a raw beginner. Until I started using Warder, I had been using Lily de Silva's book, but she doesn't use passages from the Tipitika, which I prefer.

      Maybe you'd like to try "A New Course in Reading Pali" by Gair and Karunatillake. It uses passages from the Tipitika as well.

      >Also I would be very interested in learning if anyone has the answers to the exercises in his book. The references to the Digha Nikaya in the back of the book in the answers section are often obscure and of course there are no answers to the translations from English to Pali.
      >Any help will be appreciated and I am happy I discovered your site. Your friend in the Dhamma, Bill Crecelius
      >P.S. Is there a Pali List serve

      If you're referring to a list run by a Sri Lankan monk, yes, but AFAIK not active now.
      (This group you're in now is probably the most active Pali email discussion group in the whole world.)

      >and what ever happened to Andy's Pali Page?

      Sometime ago, he spoke of having to most his website from host to host. Now, I don't know where it is. It's probably no where in the WWW. When I tried to email him...

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      Ven Kumâra
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