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Sad news : sudden death of Dr. Primoz Pecenko

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  • TK Wen
    Dear friends I am forwarding the heart broken news of the sudden death of Dr. Primoz Pecenko, a well respected Pali teacher, a good friend to some members in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2007
      Dear friends

      I am forwarding the heart broken news of the sudden death of Dr. Primoz Pecenko, a well respected Pali teacher, a good friend to some members in our list. He is not noly a great Pali scholar, but also a energetic practitioner of Buddhist Vipassana meditation. I shall always remember all the good he has done for me.

      with much metta

      From: mark.allon@...
      Subject: Primoz Pecenko
      Date: August 6, 2007 3:52:33 PM CDT
      To: H-BUDDHISM@...

      It is with great sadness that we must inform you of the sudden and
      unexpected death of Dr Primoz Pecenko, Senior Lecturer in Eastern
      Religions and Co-Director of the Centre for Buddhist Studies at the
      University of Queensland. Primoz was also an Executive committee member
      of the Australasian Association of Buddhist Studies (AABS), a friend to
      many of us, and an important contributor to our organization. Primoz
      suffered a heart attack on the evening of the 1st August while out
      walking with his family and dog. This was a few days short of his 60th

      Primoz, who completed a Masters degree at Pune in India and a PhD at the
      Australian National University, was a major figure in Buddhist Studies
      in Australia and his passing represents a great loss to our discipline.
      He and his wife, Dr Tamara Ditrich, with whom he shared the positions at
      the University of Queensland, have worked tirelessly to maintain
      Buddhist Studies at the University of Queensland and to promote Buddhist
      Studies in Australia.

      Primoz's specialization was in Pali commentarial literature,
      particularly the sub-commentaries (.tiikaa), a field that has been
      little researched. One of his major contributions to this field is his
      edition of the sub-commentary on the Anguttaranikaya
      (Anguttaranikayatika. 3 vols. to date, Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1996,
      1997, 1999). A fourth volume was in progress. This represents only the
      second critical edition of a Pali sub-commentary. Primoz also
      contributed to our understanding of this class of Pali literature
      through several important articles, including "Sariputta and his works"
      (Journal of the Pali Text Society 23, 1997: 159-79) and
      "Linatthapakasini and Saratthamanjusa: The Puranatikas and the Tikas on
      the Four Nikayas" (Journal of the Pali Text Society 27, 2002: 61-113).
      Primoz presented a stimulating paper in the AABS seminar series on Pali
      commentarial literature, entitled "Pali texts and their manuscripts: a
      case of 'lost' manuscripts mentioned in old Pali bibliographic sources,"
      in April, 2006.

      Many of Primoz's publications are in his native tongue, Slovenian. This
      includes numerous Slovenian translations of Pali texts, such as the
      Dhammapada (2001) and Milindapanha (1989, 1990), plus translations of
      individual suttas, such as the Mahasatipatthana-sutta (1988).

      At the time of his death, Primoz was engaged in several important and
      interesting research projects. One entailed editing a Pali commentarial
      text that was previously thought to have been lost, but was discovered
      by him in Burma. Apart from making this text available to scholars in
      the form of a critical edition, this work promised to throw light on the
      creation of commentaries, the nature of the commentarial project, and
      other hitherto little understood aspects of this field. Another research
      project entailed the study of the Kuthodaw Pagoda Inscriptional Complex
      in Burma, which would have helped to establish the relationship between
      this "edition" of the Pali canon and other versions current in the
      Theravada Buddhist world. It further promised to contribute towards our
      understanding of textual authority in Buddhist communities. Primoz was
      also working on Buddhist meditation in theory and practice and Pali
      bibliographic texts.

      Much of Primoz's research was funded by grants from such prestigious
      bodies as the Pali Text Society, the Australian Research Council, and
      ANU and University of Queensland research fellowships.

      At the University of Queensland Primoz taught Pali, Sanskrit, and
      courses on Buddhism, Hinduism, and World Religion, and supervised
      numerous postgraduate students including many international students. He
      was well-respected and liked by his students and will be greatly missed.

      Primoz's premature death robs us of a wonderful colleague, an admired
      teacher, and a great Pali scholar, who undoubtedly would have gone on to
      improve our understanding of Pali texts, specifically Pali commentarial

      The Executive Committee of the AABS would like to extend our condolences
      to Tamara and Alexander, Primoz's son. We wish them strength at this
      difficult time.

      Sotthi te hotu sabbadaa 願幸福永遠伴隨您May there always be happiness for you
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