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SV: [Pali] Mental chess

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  • Gunnar Gällmo
    ... Most probably he didn t speak about chess at all, as it wasn t invented yet when he lived; it must be an anachronistic mistranslation. You may have a look
    Message 1 of 4 , May 7, 2007
      --- ruwanr2003 <ruwanr2003@...> skrev:

      > Can someone tell me what's the pali word Buddha used
      > to indicate chess..

      Most probably he didn't speak about chess at all, as
      it wasn't invented yet when he lived; it must be an
      anachronistic mistranslation. You may have a look at
      the history of the game at


      The modern rules of international chess were fixed, I
      think, as late as the 19th century.

      "Caturanga", which Gregory told us is mentioned in the
      dictionary of Metta Net, was a predecessor of chess,
      but even that is known to have been played only from
      the 6th century a. D., so it is doubtful if it was
      known at the time of the Buddha; see


      "Atthapada", sanskrit "Ashtaapada", also mentioned in
      this dictionary, seems to have been the board on which
      Caturanga was played, rather than the play itself, and
      older than the game; se also


      What is meant in the Vinaya passage is probably an
      earlier game played on the atthapada board, but
      according to some theories that may have been a dice
      game, thus not very similar to chess, where chance
      plays no role and nothing is hidden.


      (saved from being addicted to chess by the fact that
      my brother always beat me at it; he played "mental
      chess" - that is ordinary chess without a physical
      board and pieces, just keeping it all in ones head -
      already fifty years ago, so it isn't very new. I've
      never been able to play it.)

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