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Re: [Pali] Re: fonts for Buddha Jayanti edition

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  • Jacques Huynen
    Hello Venerable, And thanks for the the leads. In the mean time I had found a temporary solution that helped me to continue ... in a Word file. I was surprised
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 7 10:45 PM
      Hello Venerable,

      And thanks for the the leads. In the mean time I had
      found a temporary solution that helped me to continue
      : copying the passage on which I am working (DN III)
      in a Word file. I was surprised to see that Word
      autimatically transliterates the text using its "MSN
      Arial Unicode fonts" and the result is fine. But it
      will of course be better to be able to directly access
      to the BJT text with all diacritics.

      If I may, I would like to ask you 2 more questions
      related to the text itself:

      1. Do you know why the BJT gives in the text reference
      to the PTS numering system (as well as its own paper
      support pages) and NOT to the VRI DN paragraph numbers

      2. I have gone through DN III (Cakkavattîsutta)and
      inserted the corresponding VRI paragraph nunmbers -
      from 80 to 110 - and titles (for comparison sake). I
      was puzzled to see that when VRI 90 covers 2 "alineas"
      (about 20 lines) the corresponding text stretch in BJT
      covers more than 20 PAGES !

      Do you have any cues about what could be an very long
      interpolation in the Sinhalese versions of the
      Tipitaka or an equally long missing in the Burmese or
      VIth Council tradition ?

      If not and if possible, you would be kind to forward
      this part of my message to whomever might be able to
      provide element of answers to these last 2 questions.

      With Thanks and Regards,

      Jacques Huynen

      --- Dhammanando Bhikkhu <dhammanando@...>

      > Hi J. Huyen,
      > >I have been trying -succesfully- to download the
      > Buddha Jayanti
      > Edition of the Tipitaka, as I need it to compare
      > with the VRI and PTS
      > editions. I have also, following the instructions of
      > the JBE site,
      > tried to download the "utf8-htlm-zip" fonts but
      > unhappily I get small
      > triangles instead of the diacritics.
      > What should I do ?
      > >
      > One option would be to download the Buddha Jayanti
      > Tipitaka from here:
      > http://www.metta.lk/tipitaka/index.html where it is
      > still formatted in
      > the original Leeds Bit Pali font. This can be
      > downloaded from the
      > Washington Vihara website:
      > http://www.buddhistvihara.com/online/fonts.zip
      > Then if you want the two editions to be in the same
      > font use some
      > search-&-replace program or your word-processor to
      > change the accented
      > characters of one or the other edition.
      > >And corollary questions are "utf8 fonts" identical
      > with the "Indic
      > Times? with "tm-norm.zip" ?
      > >
      > No. Normyn and Mytimes are not unicode fonts.
      > Best wishes,
      > Dhammanando

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