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Re: SV: [Pali] Unicode version of Tipitaka site by VRI

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  • dhammadhiro
    Dear friends, Discussing about Pali fonts, I d like to get some advices from anybody who expert in using vri fonts. I ve installed a version III Chattha
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 29 11:41 AM
      Dear friends,

      Discussing about Pali fonts, I'd like to get some advices from anybody
      who expert in using vri fonts.
      I've installed a version III Chattha Sanghayana tipitaka program in my
      computer with Windows XP. It run properly in roman script (there is
      still a problem when the language is changed into Thai). But after i
      copied 7 vri fonts and added to windows' fonts directory, The Chattha
      SAnghayana program cannot display any fonts as usual while opening it.
      The question is how can I get 7 vri fonts without facing such problem?
      And the second one is how can Chattha Sanghayana run in Windows XP
      display Thai script?

      Dhammadhiro, bku

      --- In Pali@yahoogroups.com, "Ong Yong Peng" <pali.smith@...> wrote:
      > Dear Gunnar,
      > the reason is either because the terminal you are using does not has
      > any Unicode fonts installed or, for older browsers, you may have
      > change its encoding scheme to UTF8 (which still require an Unicode
      > font for proper rendering).
      > For a terminal running Windows 2000/XP, it will have no problem at
      > all displaying Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai characters without
      > Unicode fonts (using older schemes). So, it is still common to find
      > many public terminals not having Unicode fonts installed. This is
      > true in many Internet cafes here in Brisbane as well.
      > metta,
      > Yong Peng.
      > --- In Pali@yahoogroups.com, Gunnar G䬬mo wrote:
      > I've tested it at a public terminal in the public library in Visby
      > (having just some free hours in my own island - attadiipa? - between
      > the annual meeting of the Gotlandic Language Society/Gutam嬳gillet
      > and the ship back to the mainland).
      > Unfortunately, all letters with subpoints (.t .d .n .m .l) appear as
      > empty squares; the long letters aa ii uu appear as they should,
      > though.
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