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Re: Lifespan of Devatas

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  • Dhammanando Bhikkhu
    Hi all, This is a rather late reply, as I have only just read the post in question. ... When reading the explanatory passage, aparopi kaamagu.ne
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      Hi all,

      This is a rather late reply, as I have only just read the post in

      Ven. Nyanatusita:
      >> Is it said anywhere that devas can expire before the end of
      >> their normal lifespan?
      > I recently came across a discussion of this in the
      > Dhammapada.t.thakathaa in the Udenavatthu. If you have the PTS
      > edition it's on page 173, in Simon Hewavitarne on page 87 of vol
      > I. It starts:
      > Devalokato hi devaputto aayu-kkhayena puñña-kkhayena
      > aahaara-kkhaayena kopenaa ti catuuhi kaara.nehi cavanti.
      > The explanations follow. aahaara-kkhaayena is a bit humorous: a
      > deva who is too absorbed in sensual pleasures forgets to eat and
      > dies of exhaustion!

      When reading the explanatory passage, "aparopi kaamagu.ne
      paribhu~njamaano satisammosena aahaara.m aparibhu~njitvaa
      kilantakaayo kaala.m karoti. eva.m _aahaarakkhayena_ cavati
      naama," one should bear in mind that the kilanta in kilantakaaya
      (like the kila in attakilamatthaanuyoga) can cover a great
      variety of bodily afflictions, inconveniences, torments, or
      deprivations. Though the image of a deva over-exerting himself
      with a nymph and dying out of shortness of breath is faintly
      amusing, nevertheless, in the present context I would think
      starvation would be more likely than exhaustion. A 14th century
      Siamese treatise on cosmology, the Traibhuumikathaa, explains
      that a deva's body is so sensitive that he will die if copulation
      causes him to forget to eat even one breakfast. The writer adds
      that he will not be saved even if he subsequently eats 100 meals.

      Best wishes,
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