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SV: [Pali] vijjamaane parakkame

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  • Ole Holten Pind
    Hello John,
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 27, 2006
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      Hello John,

      < Dear friends,

      Can someone please help me decipher the meaning of 'vijjamaane parakkame'
      in the verses at the end of AN 4:179 (A.iii.213).

      85. Na hi.mse paa.nabhuutaani vijjamaane parakkame>

      This is a somewhat difficult verse. Its interprettion centres on the
      function of the noun phrase vijjamaane parakkame. There is to the best of my
      knowledge only one parallel to this expression at Ud 50. It indicates that
      parakkama involves bodily violence, attack. This would seem to explain the
      use of the locative: it denotes the cause (nimitta) of an action, and it is
      qualified by vijjamaana. This usage is common in the Pali canon and is often
      overlooked. On this interpretation the verse would state: one should not
      kill living beings on account of (their) actual violence. The Udana verse
      runs: Just as a person that has good sight should avoid dangerous places on
      account of the violence that is found there, the pandit should avoid evil
      deeds in the world of living beings. An alternative interpretation would be
      to take the phrase as an locative absolute, which I find less likely.

      Ole Pind

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