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  • Ray Mondor
    Dec 2, 2005
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      Dear Ole,
      Is it true that, instead of using the compound word "upekkhaasatipaarisuddhim", the suttanipaata author could have specified directly either of the two possibilities you mention by choosing a more explicit sentence structure? If so, would it be fair to guess that in using the compound word structure the author actually intended the ambiguity of meaning?
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      Dear Dmytro,

      > adukkhamasukhaa upekkhaasatipaarisuddhim catuttha.m jhaanaaa
      > upasampajja viharati.

      The term upekkhaasatipaarisuddhim is somewhat pblematic. The commentators
      understand it to means that satipaarisuddhi.m is generated by upekkhaa. Now
      suttanipaata 1107 reads upekhaasatisa.msuddha.m which the Niddesa
      understands to mean purity of upekkhaa and sati (upekkhaa ca sati ca suddhaa
      honti). The two terms are evidently related It seems to me that this old
      understanding of the term - possibly older than the interpretation found in
      the Vibha.nga - should betaken into consideration, when discussing the
      nature of the mental state this term describes, it is, as we know, used in
      the context of the forth jhaana.

      Best regards,

      Ole Pind

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