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9484SV: SV: [Pali] Re: Upekkhaa

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  • Ole Holten Pind
    Dec 2, 2005
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      Dear Nina,

      It seems to me that there is a marked difference between the view that
      satipaarisuddhi is generated by upekkhaa and the view that both upekkhaa and
      sati are pure in the fourth jhaana.


      Dear Ole and Dmytro,
      may I butt in?
      Qua meaning I do not see a problem with these two texts. In the fourth
      jhana, where all the coarse jhanafactors have been abandoned, there is great
      purity of all conascent mental factors, the indifferent feeling, sati,
      tatramajjhattataa, cetanaa, manasikara, samaadhi, paññaa, etc. They
      condition each other by way of sahajata paccaya and aññamañña paccaya.

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