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9481Re: SV: [Pali] Re: Upekkhaa

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Dec 2, 2005
      Dear Ole and Dmytro,
      may I butt in?
      Qua meaning I do not see a problem with these two texts. In the fourth
      jhana, where all the coarse jhanafactors have been abandoned, there is great
      purity of all conascent mental factors, the indifferent feeling, sati,
      tatramajjhattataa, cetanaa, manasikara, samaadhi, paññaa, etc. They
      condition each other by way of sahajata paccaya and aññamañña paccaya.
      op 01-12-2005 16:24 schreef Ole Holten Pind op oleholtenpind@...:

      > Dear Dmytro,
      >> adukkhamasukhaa upekkhaasatipaarisuddhim catuttha.m jhaanaaa
      >> upasampajja viharati.
      > The term upekkhaasatipaarisuddhim is somewhat pblematic. The commentators
      > understand it to means that satipaarisuddhi.m is generated by upekkhaa. Now
      > suttanipaata 1107 reads upekhaasatisa.msuddha.m which the Niddesa
      > understands to mean purity of upekkhaa and sati (upekkhaa ca sati ca suddhaa
      > honti). The two terms are evidently related It seems to me that this old
      > understanding of the term - possibly older than the interpretation found in
      > the Vibha.nga - should betaken into consideration, when discussing the
      > nature of the mental state this term describes, it is, as we know, used in
      > the context of the forth jhaana.
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