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  • Hugo
    Dec 1, 2005
      Hey Nina!, long time no see.

      Just complementing your comment to Karen:

      > K: Is neutral feeling really exists or it is neutral when
      > > there is some form of ignorance (the underlying tendency of
      > > adukkhamasukhaa is ignorance)? Is the fourth jhaana has a neutral
      > > vedanaa as its characteristic?
      > ------
      > N: There is feeling accompanying each citta. Also when it seems that there
      > is no feeling, such as when seeing arises, there is indifferent feeling. We
      > notice pleasant and unpleasant feeling, but we are ignorant of indifferent
      > feeling. It is difficult to know its characteristic.
      > Indifferent feeling can be kusala, akusala, vipaaka or kiriya.
      > The citta rooted in ignorance is always accompanied by indifferent feeling.
      > When there is not happy feeling nor unhappy feeling we should not think that
      > the citta is kusala. It may be akusala citta rooted in ignorance.
      > When indifferent feeling accompanies jhanacitta of the fourth stage it is
      > kusala and very pure.

      MN 44: Cula-vedalla Sutta
      The Shorter Set of Questions-and-Answers

      "Neither-pleasant-nor-painful feeling is pleasant in occurring
      together with knowledge, and painful in occurring without knowledge."


      "What obsession gets obsessed with neither-pleasant-nor-painful feeling?"


      "Ignorance-obsession gets obsessed with neither-pleasant-nor-painful feeling."


      "There is the case where a monk, with the abandoning of pleasure &
      pain — as with the earlier disappearance of elation & distress —
      enters & remains in the fourth jhana: purity of equanimity &
      mindfulness, neither pleasure nor pain. With that he abandons
      ignorance. No ignorance-obsession gets obsessed there."

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