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9373Re: SV: [Pali] cetaso = citto ?

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  • rett
    Nov 7, 2005
      Dear Ole and group,

      >Tzung-kuen :I am counfused by the declension of appamaa.nacetaso,
      >isn't it genitive or dative? Its case does not agree
      >with the implied subject, bhikkhu, then why could the
      >word be translated as 'with a measureless mind'?
      >Tzung-kuen : Does this means the commentator equates
      >appamaa.nacetaso with appamaa.nacitto, so
      >appamaa.nacetaso is viewed as a word with a nominative
      >Ole: I have not seen any post addressing this question. If so discard this
      >message. The term is a possessive compound in the nominative qualifying the
      >subject of the sentence. cetasa is derived from Sanskrit cetas. It has been
      >converted into a thematised a stem. The PED (I do not have Cone's revised
      >version) has wrongly made cetasa into an adjective.

      Thanks for another correction to the PED. It will be interesting to watch out for whether this conversion to an -a stem is used in other cases where a word originally ending in a consonant (like cetas, manas etc) finds itself at the end of a bahubbiihi compound in pali.

      I do have Cone, but so far it only goes up to kh, so we'll need to wait a few years to see how this word is treated there.

      best regards,

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