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9362cetaso = citto ?

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  • Khemaramsi
    Nov 5, 2005
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      Dear friends

      I encounter a problem again, please give help.

      In S IV 120 (PTS), the text reads,

      upa.t.thitaaya satiyaa ca viharati appamaa.nacetaso...

      Ven. Bodhi's translation is

      He dwells having set up mindfulness of the body, with
      a measureless mind,...

      I am counfused by the declension of appamaa.nacetaso,
      isn't it genitive or dative? Its case does not agree
      with the implied subject, bhikkhu, then why could the
      word be translated as 'with a measureless mind'?

      While Ven. Buddhaghosa comments the word in quesiton,
      he says

      upa.t.thitasatitaaya nikkilesacittena appamaa.nacitto

      Does this means the commentator equates
      appamaa.nacetaso with appamaa.nacitto, so
      appamaa.nacetaso is viewed as a word with a nominative



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