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871RE: [Pali] Re: CSCD rom how to copy and paste extracts?

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  • Andy
    Jun 13 8:52 AM
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      Dear Venerables; Hi Group;

      Dear Robert;

      If you only wish to copy a short extract from the CSCD:
      a) select the text you wish to copy with your mouse (words, phrases,
      sentences, paragraphs)
      b) press Ctrl-C

      This will copy the text to the Clipboard, and you can Paste it into any
      other program you wish to use. You will then need to select the text, and
      choose one of the VriRomanPali fonts to see the correct Pali characters.

      Since there are "hard-return" characters and such in the CSCD text, I added
      a feature in Palitrans 2.0 that will clean out most of that for you
      automatically. There is a button called "Paste from CSCD" in Palitrans 2.0

      If you then with to include the text in Velthuis ("standard
      transliteration") format, you can use Palitrans 2.0 to do this.

      a) select the text
      b) press the "Pali Font to Standard Transliteration" button
      c) then, you can "Copy and Paste" the text like you would with any other

      Palitrans 2.0 is free and available (thanks John Kelly!) in the Files

      peace from


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      Subject: [Pali] Re: CSCD rom how to copy and paste extracts?

      Thanks for this David. I have figured out how to export and find the
      file, thanks to your post.

      In Pali@y..., "David Yeung" <yeung@c...> wrote:
      > "robertkirkpatrick.rm" wrote:
      > > Does anyone have a program that allows the copying of short
      > > to be done direct from the CSCD Chattha Sangayana CD? At the
      > > we can go the tipitaka website and do this but it would save
      time if
      > > there was a way to copy and paste directly.
      > What do you mean by this? I have no trouble getting text out of
      > CSCD. The CSCD has an export function in which you can put the
      > numbers of the section you wish to export, at least in the version
      > I have (v3.0). You have to export at least a page's worth, but
      > no trouble to then use Word or WordPad to cut and paste as you
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