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8415Re: Pali - Every few days - [C270] question for John K.

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  • John Kelly
    Aug 3, 2005
      Dear Alan,

      That's wonderful news that you will be doing another
      translation of the Warder exercises with full
      grammatical analysis. I hope you will be posting your
      solutions to this list as you go. Please be sure to
      compare with my solutions while you are doing it too,
      and send any feedback to me via this group - I'm sure
      you'll spot many errors I may have made!

      Concerning copyright issues, as a few others have
      already noted, I don't think it's a problem since
      these are your own translations, and the text of what
      you are translating comes straight from the Tipitaka
      which is in the public domain. My solutions have been
      posted on
      and on http://www.tipitaka.net/pali/palidd/ and nobody
      has raised copyright as an issue.

      With metta,


      I would like to start translating the exercises in the

      Warder book on
      another website, focusing only on the Pali to English
      translations and
      including a grammatical analysis of each word.
      However, it
      makes me
      wonder if there would be any copyright infringement by

      doing this.
      Since I suspect that you have checked into this, I
      to ask you
      what the deal is with the copyright, etc.

      Can I assume that including such translations on my
      would not
      be problematic?

      Thanks for your help,

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