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788RE: [Pali] Beginners Pali Cannon

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  • Andy
    May 1, 2002

      If you do create a learning file with vocab (and perhaps phrases/sentences)
      let me know on-list. I think a lot of people could use it (including me!). I
      don't have a copy of the book (yet!) but I have only heard great reviews and
      comments about it.

      One thing that is nice about using Input Easy is that it enforces and
      insists on correct spelling while you are learning the Pali words. Spelling
      is important in the Pali Canon. A small spelling mistake can radically
      change the meaning of a word in the Pali Canon. ;-)



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      As Andy mentions, most(if not all) people who want to learn Pali do it to
      read the Cannon. The only hard copy of a Pali grammer I've got is "A New
      Course in Reading Pali: entering the word of the Buddha" by James W. Gair
      and W.S. Karunatillake. The nice thing about this book is that the lessons
      are taught via extracts from the Cannon. Now all I need to do is make a
      learning file out of it for Andy's Input Easy program so I'll actually get
      down to the business of properly learning the vocab ;)

      If anyone wants to get hold of this book it's published in India by Motilal
      Banarsidass for Rs. 250. I bought my copy from Amazon.co.uk for £10.
      Amazon.com also stock it for $15

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