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4641Re: [Pali] Re: over(?)confidence in one's own views

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  • rett
    Apr 1, 2004
      >Could someone please translate the following passage?
      >I tried to translate it but I'm not sure if I understand it correctly.
      >Seyyathaapi bhikkhave appamattakopi guutho duggandho hoti,
      >evameva kho aha.m bhikkhave appamattakampi bhava.m
      >na va.n.nemi, antamaso accharaasa.nghaatamattampiiti

      Here's an attempt:

      Just as, O monks, even a tiny amount of dung has a foul smell,
      exactly so, O monks, I do not commend even a tiny amount of
      existence, even only an instant.

      What threw me for a loop first was that I kept wanting to read
      *accharaasanga.na = troop of nymphs. Those nymphs got stuck in my
      mind and kept me from turning the page of the dictionary to find
      'snap of the fingertips' :-)

      best regards,

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