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4637Re: over(?)confidence in one's own views

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  • paulocuana
    Apr 1, 2004

      I for one enjoy your posts. I have been reading about Buddhism for
      years and have only recently begun meditation. The one thing I am
      convinced of is that this stuff is not for the sensitive.

      Whether it's the Suttas, the Abhidhamma or the Commentaries they are
      all part of the raft in the "Raft Simile". If one can cross over
      with only the Suttas that is fine. If one needs the Abhidhamma and
      the Commentaries to cross over then why would anyone complain?
      When all these things are to be abandoned what does it matter if a
      raft or an ocean-going ship is used.

      pag eva adhammaa
      MI 134-5

      Paul O'Cuana

      --- In Pali@yahoogroups.com, nina van gorkom <nilo@e...> wrote:
      > Dear Frank
      > Do not worry about it that you hurt feelings. I know you are a
      very kind and
      > sincere person who does not want to hurt anybody. It does not
      matter that we
      > have different opinions. We know each other already longer than
      today, don't
      > we? When there are different opinions on a forum I find it useful
      > consider and formulate for myself what my thoughts about it are.
      It helps to
      > clarify things for oneself.
      > Nina.
      > op 31-03-2004 23:30 schreef fcckuan op fcckuan@y...:
      > A list member suggested to me privately that my original post
      > > was much more offensive than even I had suspected, so I have
      > > the measure of removing that post from the archives....
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