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4417Re: [Pali] Kamboja - Where is it?

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  • Jim Anderson
    Mar 1, 2004

      Thanks for the extra details. I did a quick Google search for
      'Kamboja' and was surprised at the number of webpages in the results.
      There is a scholarly article on the various schools of thought
      concerning where Kamboja might have been located at:


      The following is a clip:

      "Thus we see that according to Dr Mukerjee, roughly the Kabul valley,
      Begram, Lamghan valley, Kunar valley, Kohistan, Kaffirstan, Swat
      valley, Hazara and Abhisara (SE Kashmir) were included in the Kamboja
      Mahajanapada.(roughly the land of the Paropanisadaen satrapy of the

      On another webpage it said that Cambodia is named after the ancient
      Kamboja country. Kandahar in Afghanistan makes me think that this name
      might be a linguistic variant of Gandhaara.

      Best wishes,

      > Jim
      > Sircar's book "Studies in the Geography of Ancient and Medieval
      India" has
      > quite a few references of use here - the exact extent and location
      of the
      > region/place is unclear but the connection with the Yavanas and the
      > Gandharans is clear enough and this places the Kamboja somewhere
      around the
      > northwestern fringes of South Asia
      > Appears to still be an open question.
      > Cheers
      > Robert
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