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4415Re: [Pali] Kamboja - Where is it?

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  • Robert Didham
    Mar 1, 2004

      Sircar's book "Studies in the Geography of Ancient and Medieval India" has
      quite a few references of use here - the exact extent and location of the
      region/place is unclear but the connection with the Yavanas and the
      Gandharans is clear enough and this places the Kamboja somewhere around the
      northwestern fringes of South Asia

      Appears to still be an open question.



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      >Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 20:11:38 -0500
      >Dear Ven. Pesala,
      >You ask:
      >Kamboja is the last of the sixteen great nations mentioned in the
      >Visakha Sutta, Uposatha Vagga, Atthakanipata, Anguttaranikaya. Where
      >According to Malalasekera's Dictionary of Pali Proper Names, it sounds
      >like it's in Afghanistan since it is thought to have been on the
      >shores of the Kabul river. It is near or next to Gandhaara and on a
      >caravan route.
      >Best wishes,

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