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439Pali Primer - Lesson 4

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  • Ong Yong Peng
    Sep 3, 2001
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      A Quick Glance

      This lesson covers the following topic:

      Ablative Case (Masc-a nouns)
      Singular: + aa, + mhaa, + smaa
      Plural: + ehi, + ebhi

      Note: Abbreviations
      nom. - nominative case
      acc. - accusative case
      ins. - instrumental case
      abl. - ablative case
      sing. - singular
      plur. - plural
      indec. - indeclinable

      Exercise 4:

      Translate into English:

      1. Coraa gaamamhaa pabbata.m dhaavanti.
      coraa = thieves (nom.)
      gaamamhaa = village (abl.)
      pabbata.m = mountain (ins.)
      dhaavanti = run
      Ans: Thieves run to the mountain from the village.
      Ans: From the village, robbers run to the mountain.

      2. Daarako maatulasmaa odana.m yaacati.
      daarako = child (nom.)
      maatulasmaa = uncle (abl.)
      odana.m = rice (acc.)
      yaacati = begs
      Ans: The child begs rice from the uncle.

      3. Kumaaro sopaanamhaa patati.
      kumaaro = boy (nom.)
      sopaanamhaa = stairway (abl.)
      patati = falls
      Ans: The boy falls from the stairway.

      4. Maatulaa saa.take dhovanti.
      maatulaa = uncles (nom.)
      saa.take = garments (acc.)
      dhovanti = wash
      Ans: Uncles wash garments.

      5. Dhiivaraa pi.takehi macche aaharanti.
      dhiivaraa = fishermen (nom.)
      pi.takehi = baskets (ins.)
      macche = fish (acc.)
      aaharanti = bring
      Ans: Fishermen bring fish (plur.) in baskets.

      6. Upaasakaa sama.nehi saddhi.m vihaarasmaa nikkhamanti.
      Ans: Lay devotees leave the monastery with monks.

      7. Braahma.no kakacena rukkha.m chindati.
      Ans: The brahmin cuts the tree with a saw.

      8. Kumaaraa mittehi saha bhuupaala.m passanti.
      Ans: The boys see the king with their friends.
      Ans: Together with friends, the boys see the king.

      9. Vaa.nijo assena saddhi.m pabbatasmaa oruhati.
      Ans: The merchant descends from the mountain with his horse.

      10. Yaacako kassakasmaa so.na.m yaacati.
      Ans: The beggar asks for the dog from the farmer.
      Ans: The beggar asks/begs the farmer for the dog.

      11. Sappaa pabbatehi gaama.m otaranti.
      Ans: Serpents come down to the village from mountains.

      12. Ministers shoot deer (plur.) with arrows.
      13. The thief takes away garments in the cart from the village.
      14. The king comes to the palace in a chariot with his ministers.
      15. Pigs dig pits with their feet.
      16. The boy washes garments with friends.
      17. Monks sets out with lay devotees from the village.
      18. The dog eats fish from the basket.
      19. A friend asks for the dog from the son.
      20. The Buddha questions his disciples.
      21. Ministers ask questions from wise men.
      22. The washerman washes the garment with a friend.
      23. Fish (plur.) fall from the basket.
      24. Thieves hit pigs with stones.
      25. The minister brings a parrot from the palace.

      Translate into Paali:

      1. Horses run from the village to the mountain.
      Ans: Assaa gaamamhaa pabbata.m dhaavanti.

      2. Merchants come from the island to the monastery with lay devotees.
      Ans: Vaa.nijaa upaasakehi saha diipasmaa vihaara.m aagacchanti.

      3. Thieves shoot pigs with arrows.
      Ans: Coraa sarehi suukare vijjhanti.

      4. Upaasako sama.namhaa dhamma.m pucchati.
      5. Daarako sahaayena saha paasaa.nasmaa patati.
      6. So.no daaraka.m .dasati.
      7. Amaccaa bhuupaalena saha paasaadamhaa nikkhamanti.
      8. Naro diipasmaa miga.m aaharati.
      9. Kassako rukkhamhaa otarati/oruhati.
      10. Kukkuraa assehi saha magena dhaavanti.
      11. Kumaaraa vaa.nijehi diipe haranti.
      12. Coro sopaanasmaa otarati/oruhati.
      13. Vaa.nijaa pabbatehi suke aaharanti.
      14. Asso paadena sappa.m paharati.
      15. Maatulo mittehi saha pabbatamhaa sama.ne passati.
      16. Vaa.nijaa diipasmaa asse paasaada.m aaharanti.
      17. Amacco cora.m pucchati.
      18. Kassako rajakena saha odana.m bhu~njati.
      19. Daarako sopaanamhaa patati.
      20. Dhiivaro maatulena saha pabbata.m aaruhati.
      21. Yaacako kukkurena saha sayati.
      22. Bhuupaalaa amaccehi saha diipe rakkhanti.
      23. Bhuupaalo paasaadasmaa Buddha.m vandati.
      24. Puriso khaggena sappa.m hanati.
      25. Dhiivaraa saka.tehi macche gama.m aaharanti.
      26. Varaahaa gaamamhaa pabbata.m dhaavanti.
      27. Upaasakaa pa.n.ditasmaa pa~nhe pucchanti.
      28. Putto rukkhamhaa suva.m aaharati.
      29. Pa.n.ditaa vihaara.m gacchanti.
      30. Saavakaa maggena gaama.m gacchanti.
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