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4Launch of Pali Discussion Group

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  • Moderator, Pali List
    Jul 22, 2001
      This is a forum for everyone with an interest in Pali language and literature, as well as Pali Tipitaka translation works. At the same time, it also serves as the official mailing list for Tipitaka Network. Subscribers will be able to receive updates of our website plus an occasional dose of Tipitaka quotes.

      The oldest Theravada literature is written in Pali. Understanding Pali is like holding the key to the door to the rich contents of Pali Tipitaka. Although a large portion of it has been translated to several languages, it can be appreciated and understood in greater depth when it is studied in its original language.

      Main discussion topics:
      1. Tipitaka and sutta study;
      2. Pali language and literature;
      3. Theravada Buddhism;
      4. Samadhi and Vipassana meditation;
      5. Sutta study tools and methodology;
      6. Tipitaka translation theory and practice.

      All are welcome. No subject knowledge is required.

      1. To send messages, Pali@yahoogroups.com
      2. Message archives: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pali
      3. To unsubscribe, Pali-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

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      Moderator, Pali

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