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  • Jim Anderson
    Jun 2, 2003
      Dear Nina,

      I'm glad you found the information interesting. Just a comment on the

      > The Abhidhaanappadiipikaa from the 16th cent. seems most

      I don't know where you got the 16th cent. dating but according to
      Geiger and his sources the dating is the late 12th cent. and the
      author is Moggallaana who I thought was the famous grammarian. But
      apparently there were two Moggallaanas from around the same period.
      The older one is the grammarian who wrote his grammar a decade or two
      after Aggava.msa wrote his in the mid-12th cent. A second (Nava-)
      Moggallaana compiled the Abhidhaanappadiipikaa near the end of the
      12th cent. This dictionary is similar to the Sanskrit Amarako"sa. The
      Abh (CPD abbrev.) also lists the different meanings of each of the
      prefixes. I have found this little dictionary to be quite helpful and
      I use it quite a bit.

      Best wishes,

      > Dear Jim,
      > Thank you very much for the trouble you took. I had no idea about
      all the
      > different meanings of bhavo. I read this with great interest, I am
      > to learn more about different word meanings. I saw in my Pali Thai
      > dictionary also some more meanings; good quality, khandha, etc. As
      > vuddhi: this makes sense: growth and prosperity.
      > The Abhidhaanappadiipikaa from the 16th cent. seems most
      > Nina.
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