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2675Re: [Pali] More Pali - Every few days - [C007]bhavo

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  • nina van gorkom
    Jun 1, 2003
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      Dear Jim,
      Thank you very much for the trouble you took. I had no idea about all the
      different meanings of bhavo. I read this with great interest, I am delighted
      to learn more about different word meanings. I saw in my Pali Thai
      dictionary also some more meanings; good quality, khandha, etc. As to
      vuddhi: this makes sense: growth and prosperity.
      The Abhidhaanappadiipikaa from the 16th cent. seems most interesting.

      op 31-05-2003 16:10 schreef Jim Anderson op jimanderson_on@...:

      > There are at least 7 meanings given for the word "bhavo" whereas PED
      > seems to give only the one. I think Warder's translation "good
      > fortune" comes closest to the meaning of "sampatti" -- success,
      > prosperity, etc. ....
      > the meanings I can pick up so far are: vuddhi, sampatti, pu~n~na,
      > sahokaasaa khandhaa, sa.msaara, sassata.
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