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189Re[2]: [Pali] "Gerund"

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    Aug 1, 2001
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      Ong Teng Kee wrote:
      OTK> I find my english grammar book gives ex.having gone
      OTK> to(gantva) as compound gerund for this pubbakiriya in
      OTK> pali.
      OTK> Action noun like swimming etc is call gerund
      OTK> .buddhadatta in his grammar book give past participle
      OTK> can be used freely in the place for pubbakiriya.

      Thank you, I would like to learn more about pubbakiriya.

      In Russian beside participles there is a special class of forms called
      'adverbial participles' (deeprichastiya), with '-av' ending for past and
      '-aya' for present, which closely correspond to Pali '-tva' and '-aya' forms.

      So please write whether '-aya' forms express past or present, so that
      I will be able to make exact translations.

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