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1702Re: Intro and question

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  • Robert Eddison
    Feb 1, 2003

      >One of the set texts for this subject is:
      >A.P. Buddhadatta. "The New Pali Course, Part 1 (6th
      >Edition). 'Colombo: The Colombo Apothecaries', 1962.
      >My question is - does anyone know where I can get a copy, and if it
      >is it still in
      >print? The Uni. Bookshop has no knowledge of it. (I understand
      >photocopied pages will be given in the lectures.)
      >Thank you for the existence of this list and your contributions -
      >though mostly 'above my head' it has proved the stimulus for me to
      >take this step. I will join the others in the Pali Day by Day study
      >corner as well if I may.

      Colombo Apothecaries (odd name for a publisher!) are no longer publishing
      it, but the Buddhist Cultural Centre in Dehiwala has brought out an issue
      of Parts I & II in a single volume, ISBN 955-9219-08-1. The BCC's website
      is at http://www.buddhistcc.com

      Like the BPS in Kandy, the BCC is a not-for-profit organization and most of
      their publications cost peanuts. They have done a lot of valuable work in
      re-issuing specialist books of high quality that commercial publishers
      won't touch because of a low anticipated readership.

      Best wishes,

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