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16058Re: [Pali] Re: Vimaanavatthu

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Jul 6, 2013
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      Dear Tharpachozang,
      Op 28-jun-2013, om 19:10 heeft tharpachozang het volgende geschreven:

      > If I'm mistaken about this that only the verses are in the
      > Tipitika, then correct me, but I've double-checked on Metta.lk and
      > the Jatakas appear to be very small and only the verses.
      N: This need not be any problem. In reality there are no persons, no
      deities, only citta, cetasika and ruupa. What can I learn from the
      Jaatakas and commentary? They teach me how to develop what is
      wholesome, sobhana cetasikas, in daily life. That is what really
      matters. When reading we can always consider: what is real now and
      what can I learn here?
      Some people doubt about the truthfulness of the commentaries, but
      then, let us read them and see what they tell us. That is more
      convincing than historical arguments. Any teaching that helps me to
      understand reality now I find reliable, because I can check it myself.

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