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16039Pali Text Society works available for non-commercial purposes

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  • alexgenaud
    Apr 28, 2013
      Dear friends and fellow practitioners of the Dhamma,

      I am very happy to announce that the Pali Text Society has generously released to the public for free non-commercial purposes the majority of their English translations of the Pali Canon.

      This is amazing!

      For the first time in history, the entire sutta pitaka is available for free in the English language.

      The collection released includes the highly respected and complete Pali English Dictionary, as well as several other works previously not found anywhere on the internet.

      Thanks to the work of Michael Olds, who over the years has digitized PTS works for his own comparative research, many of the works are now immediately available online at obo.genaud.net. The announcement there has more details and links:


      I will be posting scanned images of each work as they become available in both git repository and as ZIP archives. Please contact me if you would like to help add to the collection of scanned works, convert these to digital texts, or do proofreading (a great way to study the Dhamma in depth!).

      This is the list of newly released titles:

      The Dialogues of the Buddha (Three Volumes)
      The Middle-Length Discourses of the Buddha (Three Volumes)
      The Kindred Sayings (Five Volumes)
      The Book of the Gradual Sayings (Five Volumes)

      and certain ancillary works:

      The Pali English Dictionary
      The Psalms of the Early Buddhists
      Points of Controversy
      The Buddhist Manual of Psychological Ethics
      The Jataka Stories


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