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16036Re: [Pali] need feed back on the Pindapata and pindacara confusion in Malaysia

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  • Bryan Levman
    Apr 27 5:20 AM
      Dear Ven. Dhammadinna,

      As you see below a lot of the letters didn't come through, but I believe you're asking about the difference between piṇḍapāta and piṇḍacāra.

      piṇḍacāra is wandering for alms from carati, "walk or roam about."
      piṇḍapāta is the receiving of alms from patati, "falls down, alights on" referring to the act of the householder placing the food in the bhikkhu's bowl.

      This is explicated in the Visuddhimagga (PTS 31)
      piṇḍapātanti yaṃkiñci āhāraṃ. yo hi koci āhāro bhikkhuno piṇḍolyena patte patitattā piṇḍapātoti vuccati.

      piṇḍapātaṃ means whatever food. For whatever food, because of having been placed in the bowl while the monk is wandering for alms is called "piṇḍapāto."

      The commentary explicates patitattāti pakkhipitattā. pakkhipita-ttā, is the past participle of pakkhipati meaning "he places in, he puts."

      I hope that is what you're looking for,

      Mettā, Bryan

      From: dhammadinna <dhammadinna@...>
      To: Pali@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 4:34:23 AM
      Subject: [Pali] need feed back on the Pindapata and pindacara confusion in Malaysia

      Dear Pali friends,

      Need your feed back with the words Pi.n.dapaata and Pi.n.daacaara.

      Monks who went for alms-round according to the A. P. Buddhadata Maha Thera Pali-English Dictionary is: piṇḍapāta which means a collection of alms.

      Now, in Malaysia some use the term Pi.n.daacaara or piṇḍācāra going for collecting alms. There is a confusion cause by some in Malaysia. We normally heard of the words piṇḍapāta but the word piṇḍācāra is being use to refer monks going for alms-round and it cause confusion amongst the Buddhist community.

      Which term is the correct term to refer monks who go alms-round. piṇḍapāta or piṇḍācāra. Is there any references in the Tipitaka?

      Venerable Dhammadinna

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