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16018Re: [Pali] The Twin Miracle, Yamaka Patihara

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Mar 20, 2013
      Dear Frank,
      Op 12-feb-2013, om 17:23 heeft Frank K het volgende geschreven:

      > N: He had killed, but not committed a heinous crime like killing
      > > parents or the Buddha. A heinous crime is an impediment. There was
      > > not such an imediment.
      > >
      > >
      > F: So trying to deliberately murder a Samma Sambuddha, and failing
      > only
      > because the Buddha stopped him, is not considered heinous?
      N: Conditions, conditions. We cannot understand all conditions
      We have to consider which factors make akusala kamma a heinous crime,
      and thus a hindrance to enlightenment.
      > F: Just a petty
      > crime, a misdemeanor, a mere impediment? In my book, when you have the
      > intention, have planned it out, carried it out and almost certainly
      > would
      > have succeeded with that action 99% of the time if not for
      > extraordinary
      > intervention, the kammic fruit for that is much closer to 99% of full
      > kammic fruit than 0%.
      N: I understand your point of view, you are reasoning, you have a
      logical view about things.
      But kamma and vipaaka is most intricate and only Buddhas can
      thoroughly understand it.
      What is our understanding compared to the Buddha's omniscience?
      The Buddha also knew the kusala and understanding Angulima had
      accumulated in former lives. This was never lost and could bear
      fruit. When considering kamma and result so many factors also
      stemming from past lives have to be taken into consideration. We do
      not have the Buddha's wisdom.
      I understand that at first sight you find things incomprehensible.
      But let us consider things more deeply, not just by logic.
      We can never judge the deeds of someone else, who knows his past
      accumulations? We also may have killed in former lives, but now: here
      we are studying Dhamma. This sutta is also an encouragement that
      kusala is never lost, somehow it will bear fruit, inspite of all the
      tribulations one may experience.
      Angulima was aware and developed understanding of whatever dhamma
      appeared at the present moment, even akusala dhamma; he saw that as
      just a conditioned reality. Only in that way he could attain
      arahatship. So, let us never forget the dhamma appearing right now.
      The only way.


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