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16008Re: [Pali] Re: Unicode-Velthuis conversion

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  • Kumara Bhikkhu
    Mar 4, 2013
      Interesting. Thanks for your kind offer.

      My requirement is simply converting occasional texts. Nina pointed me
      to http://www.granthamandira.com/diCrunch/diCrunch.php
      which works just fine.

      As I may need to convert without Net access, I've downloaded the
      script linked at the bottom:
      and installed xampplite to run it. (My first time doing such a
      thing.) Works just fine. I'd probably hack it later to make
      Unicode-to-Velthuis the default.

      I've also found another php code at
      It's only one way, but I suppose it should be easy enough to hack it
      to create another that does the opposite.

      Now, it would be a whole lot better to have these converted to
      javascript so that I don't have to use xampplite...

      In case some of you are wondering why I'm needing Velthuis, it's
      because I'm still using Eudora as my POP email client. For me it's
      only 'fault' is lack of Unicode support.


      alexgenaud wrote thus at 08:08 PM 04-03-13:
      >Hi Kumara Bhikkhu,
      >I have written several such conversions. Most likely, I can convert
      >your text as well. It's not as straight forward as simply saying
      >'convert Unicode to Velthuis' as there is more involved: byte
      >encoding, entity references, etc. Are you converting text on a web
      >site? Personal files?
      >As an example, I have a script which automatically converts an
      >entire website between five transliterations: ASCII, MozPali,
      >Velthuis, a Mobile (IAST hybrid), and Unicode NCR.

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