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16004Re: [Pali] Unicode-Velthuis conversion

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  • Kumara Bhikkhu
    Mar 2, 2013
      Thanks, Frank.

      Yes, I've seen and used that before, when I had an older version of
      DPR on my old computer. I don't have DPR now, as I don't want to
      install Firefox just for the purpose. (I'm using Opera and Chrome.
      For the Pali research purposes, I use CST4 and PCED1.91.) What you
      described is probably the newer version, which has more features, but
      has some bugs (according to my teacher, Bhante Aggacitta). I wonder
      if there's something independent: a JavaScript (on a website), freeware, etc.

      Frank K wrote thus at 11:32 AM 03-03-13:
      >digital pali reader does conversion both ways u->v, and v->u. it's
      >tricky to find those features though. i tried it out just now, the
      >way i got it to come up is first load up a sutta. on the window pane
      >that shows sutta text, on the upper left hand corner, there's a
      >symbol of 3 dots about the size of a screen alpha character. hover
      >your mouse cursor on top of the 3 dots, and it shows a submenu of
      >several hidden options. the option covert will pull up a window pane
      >on the bottom with several conversion options.
      >On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 3:03 AM, Kumara Bhikkhu
      ><kumara.bhikkhu@...> wrote:
      >Anyone know of any tool for Unicode to Velthuis conversion?
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