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15989Re: [Pali] The Twin Miracle, Yamaka Patihara

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Feb 12, 2013
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      Dear Frank,
      Op 11-feb-2013, om 17:19 heeft Frank K het volgende geschreven:

      > The problem is the Buddha guaranteed his cousin Nanda
      > celestial nymphs if he didn't disrobe and remained in the order. If
      > the
      > Buddha had made the guarantee in a not so ironclad way, I wouldn't
      > have a
      > problem with that either. For example, if he said, "Nanda, if you
      > don't
      > disrobe, I will show you how to develop samatha to the point where you
      > could easily attain celestial nymphs." Then the Buddha would be
      > stating a
      > truth, and not making ironclad guarantees that seem to be not
      > something an
      > enlightened being would say.
      N: I find the commentary quite clear. The Buddha knew what was best
      for a particular person and he had vaca sacca, always speaking the
      > F:In the case of Angulimala, is there any other precedent in the
      > Canon where
      > someone can commit such heinous crimes as Angulimala and still attain
      > arahantship or even stream entry in that safe lifetime?
      N: He had killed, but not committed a heinous crime like killing
      parents or the Buddha. A heinous crime is an impediment. There was
      not such an imediment.

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