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15981Re: [Pali] The Twin Miracle, Yamaka Patihara

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Feb 8, 2013
      Dear Thomas,
      Op 8-jan-2013, om 2:03 heeft thomaslaw03 het volgende geschreven:

      > I am interested in the story of the Twin Miracle (Yamaka Patihara)
      > that the Buddha showed in Sravasti (?). The story seems rather
      > unusual, superstitious, and irrational. Could anyone give some
      > explanations and textual information of the story please?
      N: See PED, p. 551, yamaka paa.tihaariya.
      Path of Discrimination (Pa.tisambhidaamagga), Ch LXX). English, p. 126.
      It is a knowledge or wisdom not shared by his disciples.
      Visuddhimagga, Ch XII, 84: here both the supernormal power and the
      possessor of it are displayed.
      When we think of jhaana and a person who has all the masteries,
      vasis, of jhana and can then develop superpowers such as walking on
      water, we are not so surprised. When the right conditions are known
      citta can perform such miracles.
      The Buddha had omniscience, his knowledge was unobstructed, he could
      see all. He could have power over the fire element and water element.
      We were not there and cannot see this now. But what we can know: the
      Buddha showed the way to eradicate all latent tendencies of akusala.
      Is this not a miracle?
      He taught us to understand whatever dhamma appears now, be it kusala
      or akusala, and learn that whatever arises is conditioned, not self.
      If we follow his Path we will not be surprised about any miracle we
      read about.

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