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15976Re: Fw: [Pali] All of that is considered Jhana?

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  • Dieter Moeller
    Jan 27, 2013
      Dear Ven. Kumara ,

      thanks for the link , which I will study and possibly come back ...

      with Metta Dieter

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      From: Kumara Bhikkhu
      To: Pali@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 5:05 AM
      Subject: Re: Fw: [Pali] All of that is considered Jhana?

      Dear Dieter,

      The matter has already been very well researched
      and explained by Richard Shankman in his book
      "The Experience of Samadhi". Geoff Shatz has also
      done a good share of research, presented in
      Dhammawheel (by the name Ñana). E.g. Jhana
      According to the Pali Nikayas.

      As I can tell from their writing, both of them
      are experienced meditator. They quote much from
      texts to substantiate their view points, but
      aren't speaking from mere textual understanding.
      They are well qualified to speak on the matter.


      Dieter Moeller wrote thus at 12:29 AM 24-01-13:
      >Hi Ven.Kumara and Gerard,
      >I like to suggest to take following essay into
      >consideration of our discussion.
      >Interpretations of the Jhanas http://www.leighb.com/jhanantp.htm
      >(extract from introduction)
      >Although the Jhanas appear very frequently in
      >the discourses of the Buddha (suttas), now two
      >and a half millenna later there is no generally
      >agreed upon interpretation of what exactly these
      >states of concentration are. This paper is a
      >highly subjective attempt by one Jhana
      >practitioner to simply list and categorize the
      >various interpretations I have heard of here at
      >the beginning of the 21st century. The
      >information in this list is quite likely to not
      >be totally accurate. ..The first broad
      >categorization would be into "Sutta Style
      >Jhanas" and "Visuddhimagga Style Jhanas .....
      >D: I wonder whether the suttatexts allow such a
      >variety of interpretations and suppose
      >that fitting Pali -English translations must
      >be checked within its context. For example the
      >question concerning ' absorbtion ' may be
      >easier to be answered when we have both ,Jhana
      >texts and the interpretations of Jhana practioners, in mind.
      >with Metta Dieter

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