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15923A Comparative Study of the Majj hima-Nikāya

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  • Bhikkhu Analayo
    Sep 6, 2012
      Several members of this list had inquired offlist about how to get hold of a
      copy of my "A comparative study of the Majjhima-nikāya". The distribution
      problem has now finally been resolved and the book can be ordered with
      Biblia Impex.

      Bhikkhu Anālayo: A comparative study of the Majjhima-nikāya, 2 vols.,
      Taipei: Dharma Drum Publishing Co., 2011

      ISBN: 978-957-598558-5

      Price: EUR 40,00 + postage

      URL: http://www.bibliaimpex.com/index.php?p=sr&Uc=4574602384606237511182282

      E-mail: contact@...

      with mettā

      Bhikkhu Anālayo

      PS: I like to add that, since I follow the monastic conduct of not using
      money, I have no financial interest in the sale of the book.