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15915Re: [Pali] Re: Translation of this sentence?

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  • Kumara Bhikkhu
    Aug 7, 2012
      That's what I thought you wanted to know about.

      Intoning refers to varying of tone. As for singing, beside varying in tone, it also entails varying the length of sound. You may have heard some people chanting
      Namo tassaaaaa...
      The 2nd syllable in the 2nd word is supposed to be short: sa. Dragging it deliberately would constitute "singing".


      Samaneri Dipa wrote thus at 11:38 PM 07-08-12:
      >Does anyone know the difference between chanting with intonation and
      >That is the part that I find confusing. How to know what is intonation and
      >constitutes singing.
      >with friendliness,
      >Sister Dipa

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