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15804Re: [Pali] Maatikaa/Maat.rkaa

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    May 3, 2012
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      Dear Thomas,
      Op 25-mrt-2012, om 1:58 heeft thomaslaw03 het volgende geschreven:

      > As Nina indicated before that the term Maatikaa is shown in the
      > Dhamma-sangani. Is the term Maatikaa also allowed to use in other
      > Abhidhammas (and Suttas) in the Pali tradition?
      N: As I wrote before:
      < The Dhammasaòganī begins with the Måtika, a table of contents or
      matrix, which is an introduction. It is more extensive than a table
      of contents. This mātikā has been arranged by way of triads and
      dyads. It is a survey of the contents of the first book and can even
      serve as an introduction to all seven books. Different groups of
      defilements have been listed, such as the intoxicants (āsavas),
      fetters, ties, floods, yokes, hindrances. >
      Thus, it is more than just a table of contents.
      Also in the Pa.tisambhidaamagga, the Path of Discrimination (Khuddaka
      NIkaaya) we find a matika (here translated as schedule) which gives
      the contents of each chapter.
      PED gives some info. maatikaa nikkhepa, putting down of a summary. In
      the Atthasaalini, the Summary Ch, nikkhepaa-ka.n.da.

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