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  • ashinpan
    Apr 22, 2012
      Dear members,

      I have uploaded yet another paper. It is entitled "Buddhism as an ideology of social reform"; you can download the file named "social_reform.pdfL" in the Ven. Pandita folder of the Files section.

      As usual, I must say that all rights are reserved since I intend to submit to a peer-review journal.

      In this paper, I try to answer three questions:
      (1) Was the Buddha a social reformer? (My answer would be NO.)
      (2) Was he for, or against, social reformer? (My answer would be: he did not bother.)
      (3) Can a Buddhist be a social reformer? (My answer would be: any Buddhist can be a reformer or conservative provided he/she observes the Buddhist moral principles.)

      Any feedback is heartily welcome.

      with metta,

      Ven. Pandidta
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