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  • ashinpan
    Apr 4, 2012
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      Dear members,

      I have uploaded another paper. This is the file named "new-approach-final.pdf" in the Ven. Pandita folder in the Files section. It is the final version---now published in the Vol. 19, Journal of Buddhist Ethics---of the already uploaded "new-approach.pdf".

      It is the same as the old version except two places where I have added some more material as the response to the reviewer. And it has a new abstract which runs:

      "I argue in this paper that early Buddhist ethics is one of absolute values and that we can consistently use those absolute values to interpret some early teachings that seemingly show an ethic of context-dependent and negotiable values. My argument is based on the concept of intention as karma, the implications and problems of which I have also discussed."

      I hope that the group members might find it interesting. Any feedback is, as usual, heartily welcome.

      with metta,

      Ven. Pandita
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