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15634Re: asatthikaa caravan or armed?

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  • Yuttadhammo
    Dec 2, 2011
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      Forgot about one more reference in the patimokkha, pācittiya 27:

      >“yo pana bhikkhu bhikkhuniyā saddhiṃ saṃvidhāya ekaddhānamaggaṃ paá¹­ipajjeyya, antamaso gāmantarampi, aññatra samayā, pācittiyaṃ. tatthāyaṃ samayo . *satthagamanÄ«yo* hoti maggo sāsaṅkasammato sappaá¹­ibhayo â€" ayaṃ tattha samayo”ti.

      From the CPED:

      >satthagamanīya: (a path) to be passed with a caravan. (adj.)

      It literally means, that which cannot be travelled without a sattha:

      >*satthagamanīyo* nāma maggo na sakkā hoti vinā satthena gantuṃ.

      Given the origin of the exception to this rule, where there was a large group going, but the Bhikkhus had the Bhikkhunis go later, whereupon they were assaulted by thieves, and no mention of weapons anywhere, it seems clear that sattha refers to the large group in this instance. Given the similarity to the Bhikkhuni rule, there is little doubt the meaning there is the same.
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