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15611Re: [Pali] online sutra text for agamas? Commentaries?

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  • frank
    Nov 6, 2011
      Dear Ven. Ana-layo,
      Thank you for that useful info!
      On 11/5/2011 5:24 AM, Bhikkhu Analayo wrote:
      > Dear Frank
      > to my knowledge there are nearly no commentaries on Aagamas preserved
      > in Chinese, apart from a partial commentary on the beginning parts of
      > the Ekottarika-aagama, T1507.
      > There is a section of a what originally would have been a commentary
      > on the Samyukta-aagama that is no integrated into the
      > Vastusangraha.nii of the Yogacaarabhuumi, this should be somewhere
      > available online, but would all be in Chinese (if you read Chinese let
      > me know and I check where)
      > Among Sanskritfragments of the SHT series there are also a few
      > commentaries here and there, but relatively little (cf. SHT I 24, SHT
      > I 34, SHT I 36, SHT III 802, SHT IV 649, SHT V 1104, SHT VIII 1828,
      > SHT IX 2013). None of these are available online, to my knowledge
      > That is, we know there were commentaries on the Aagamas transmitted by
      > non-Theravaada schools, but it seems these have not been well preserved.
      > with much mettaa
      > Bhikkhu Anaalayo
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      > From: frank
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      > Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 3:05 PM
      > Subject: [Pali] online sutra text for agamas? Commentaries?
      > Dear Pali friends,
      > I know suttacentral has links to Chinese Agamas text online indexed
      > by their parallel correspondence to Pali Suttas, for example on this page:
      > http://www.suttacentral.net/disp_sutta.php?division_id=2&collection_name=Pali&division_name=Majjhima%20Nik%C4%81ya&type=Division&division_acronym=MN
      > <http://www.suttacentral.net/disp_sutta.php?division_id=2&collection_name=Pali&division_name=Majjhima%20Nik%C4%81ya&type=Division&division_acronym=MN>
      > Are there online commentaries (and subcommentaries) for the Agamas,
      > as there are for the Pali Canon?
      > -Frank
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