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15556Why PDF? Re: [Pali] Re: Free book: Visuddhimagga - The Path of Purification

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  • frank
    Sep 5, 2011
      I'm very grateful and appreciative for all the hard work that went into
      digitizing Vism.
      Does anyone know if other versions of it are forthcoming, such as an
      epub or a kindle friendly version? An HTML version would have been ideal
      (chapter links, footnotes etc hyperlinked).

      Does anyone know what advantage PDF offers for a 750 page book? No one
      is going to print it out. An ebook version has the huge advantage of
      being low eyestrain and readable outdoors in full sunlight. An HTML
      version would be ideal for someone who is already very familiar with the
      text and just consults it often as a reference.

      How nice it would be to see this working with Digital Pali Reader.

      On 9/5/2011 5:54 AM, Piya Tan wrote:
      > By the way, for those who want to cut and paste from the Vism (this version
      > does not seem to support this feature), please contact me offline for a
      > cut-and-paste-friendly version if you need it.
      > Piya
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